Depot Energy is a family owned home heating oil company, we care about your needs.  We deliver home heating oil 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the South-East NH & Northern MA.  We have a staff of friendly, well trained Customer Service Professionals, that are available during our normal business hours; 8:00 – 4:00 Monday thru Friday to help you with your heating needs. Below you will find our delivery schedule by zone and the corresponding pricing is to the right side of the page.

Zone pricing explained 
Our goal is to provide you with the lowest possible price. Our Pricing structure is based on # of miles from our shop AND the # of customers in your area. The more customers in your town, the lower your price, so be sure to tell all your friends and neighbors about us!

Insurance requirements mandate that we have a signed "Customer Self Certification" form on file for all new and existing customers, please print this form by clicking HERE and return to us.

Please Note: While we do our very best to accommodate all our customers, we cannot always guarantee next day delivery to your town, however 24/7 emergency delivery is always available.

Daily Oil Price:

Our daily oil price is effective for same & next day deliveries and is subject to change. Please see the chart at the bottom of the page to determine which day we deliver to your zone.

Zone 1 - $1.689

Zone 2 - $1.739

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100 gallon minimum

Oct 1st - Mar 30th

59 Route 125
Kingston, NH 03848
Telephone: 603-642-4444
Fax: 603-642-6658

Depot Energy delivers home heating oil to the following communities:
Kingston NH, East Hampstead NH, Atkinson NH, Newton NH, Plaistow NH, Danville NH, Brentwood NH, Epping NH, Fremont NH, Chester NH, Sandown NH, Raymond NH, Kingston NH, Hampstead NH, Exeter NH, Kensington NH, South Hampton NH, Salem, NH, Derry, NH, Windham, NH, Londonderry, NH, Haverhill, MA, Merrimac, MA